A good website certainly has a good design too. That way, many people will be interested in the website you create. To create a website, you can visit youtube.com/watch?v=X7xOB694V2U, there is a tutorial that can guide you to create an interesting website.

Choosing a website design would be something else you need to pay attention to. Good website design will certainly make many visitors become interested and will linger on your website. For that, you have to decide and choose the right website design for your website. There are a few tips for choosing the right website design, such as

1. Notice the Color Combination
The color you choose should be similar and not contrast or even too dim with a strange mixture of colors and uncomfortable to see, if you use a dark base color, then choose a brighter color front so that it can be seen and read clearly any posts that exist on the website.

2. Notice Font Usage
Each font selection should always be kept in mind, up from the size or type of font you use. You have to publish fonts that are common and easy to read by others. Do not use too artistic fonts for blogs or professional websites. Another thing that needs to note does not use too many fonts in one website. Because it will make visitors feel confused and you will look inconsistent.

3. Notice the Supporting Pictures
To complete your website and provide details of the content on the website, then what you need is a good supporting image and in accordance with the content of your website. Make sure also that the quality of the image you have is good and can be seen with a seam clearly by the visitors. Of course, the color choice of the image must also be considered in order to keep looking professional.

4. Notice the Layout
You should also pay attention and always set the layout that is proportional to the writing and space for the picture to make it look pleasing to the eye.