When deciding to get married, everyone would want to be happy. Getting married is a sacred way to commit yourself to a lifetime with a loved one. However, as we know that a household is not always a smooth journey. Problems and exams will come and go sometimes unexpectedly. Any problem that is not addressed properly can be the cause of the divorce of husband and wife. You can click here and get some relationship advice.

The cracked house is like a broken glass. The situation is very fragile. Perhaps a small pressure can make the glass crumble to pieces. Similarly, the fate of the household is almost destroyed. A little mistake made by a husband or wife will make it more chaotic and difficult to fix.

How to fix it? The ruined state of the household can be rebuilt, albeit very slowly. Households that are almost destroyed due to disputes and exposure to husband and wife causes are not harmonious and the cause of husband and wife often quarreling usually also will affect the level of trust to each side. To build a husband and wife must try to rebuild the confidence that had faded because of the dispute. Trust is one of the foundations of a strong household, so try to rebuild it even if it has to be done from scratch again.