innovation and technological advancements are driving the creation of a modern lifestyle. In terms of household chores, technological advances are especially helpful for mothers especially to complete household tasks such as cooking, washing, cooking food using household electrical appliances. You can visit our website to meet act right.

On the other hand, protection against the electrical hazard from the use of such equipment is a priority for producers, consumers, and regulators as regulators. Taking into account the safety and security of electrical appliances for households. The Government requires manufacturers of various household appliances to produce products that meet quality and safety requirements in accordance with existing Standards.

It is also important to pay attention to the indicator of how a product operates (commonly known as manual/usage manual). Due to improper operation also causes accidents in the use of electrical equipment. This guideline is maximized to provide information and education to the public on issues to be considered in using household electrical appliances. It is hoped that this guide can be useful for consumer intelligence and the public at large to minimize accidents in the use of household electrical appliances.

In addition to getting used only with equipment that is guaranteed to be secure, the following general matters may reduce the risk of harm:

– Learn and save product usage instructions.
– Use electrical equipment in accordance with the required voltage.
– Supervise children when using the equipment.
– Turn off the equipment by unplugging the socket when the equipment is not in use.
– Place the equipment in a dry, stable, secure, flat surface and close to the outlet.
– Place the equipment in a place that is protected from sunlight.
– Ensure the hands are dry while using electrical equipment.
– If suspicious of any interference with electrical equipment, please do not hesitate to ask the technician for help.
– Turn off electrical equipment if it smells of burning.
– Clean and check the equipment regularly.
– Make sure the state of the equipment is off when in clean.
– Avoid closing the cable with heavy objects, carpets or floor mats.
– Do not plug in many contacts by pulling the cord.
– Do not place napkins/cleaning cloth on lamps or other electrical equipment.