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overcoming infidelityOvercoming infidelity can be a tough thing to do, as it’s not something we’d expect to happen to us. One of the most devastating things that can happen to us is when our life partner is unfaithful in the relationship. Though, the world doesn’t end here.

Just because you may be going through stages of grief doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution to the problem. You just need to know the first step of the process, which is deciding whether you want to repair the relationship, or learn how to move on. Let’s talk about the latter.

Learning how to move on from this point takes effort, but with the right knowledge, you’ll make it through much faster and easier. We need to look at what actually happened. What exactly was the situation? Begin to really try to understand the situation from your spouses perspective. Know that the reasons they may think they cheated on you are likely different from what actually is true. Maybe something happened in their life at a much younger age that ties together with their infidelity? Maybe someone in their family or past relationship was unfaithful to them? There could be a million different things that tie into why they made that ‘stupid’ decision. But just know that it wasn’t ‘stupid’ to them at a subconscious level for a REASON.

Now I know this may be a very hard thing to do, but it does need to be done in order to move forward productively. No more pondering on the negatives!

Now I know you may have heard that there are many other fish in the sea, but it doesn’t help to just merely know that. What needs to happen is the true acceptance within yourself that you’re making the right decision to move on.

You need to be in total compliance with your inner self at the deepest level that moving on is literally the best thing to do. After doing this, you will be more open-minded to other opportunities, like the other fish in the sea. You’ll also be more aware of the possibility of potential opportunity, which will open up so many doors for you that you may not have seen otherwise! This may ease onto you or it may hit you like magic, but only after you KNOW with all your heart that moving forward in life is the obvious option for you to take to get out of this funk.

This part is challenging, it indeed takes some time to be able to wrap your head around this idea of understanding there are millions of possibilities why your spouse did what they did. Coming from a perspective of true understanding of this logic will get you to the point where choosing the option to move forward in life is the only obvious solution to the problem.

Once you get there, things start to become very colorful in life. You will begin to see a plethora of opportunities popping out everywhere around you.  This is because you will naturally release a large dose of chemicals in your brain which will allow you to see life clearly.

By continuing to strive forward from this major shift in your life, you can make this ‘clear-mindedness’ last forever. You have this to look forward to as a light at the end of this tunnel.

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