The procedure of playing softball is quite unique compared to most ball games. Namely the ball hitter with a bat. As for the other players on guard (defensive) and the team that hit (offensive). Each team competes to collect the number (run) by circling the three series of the runner’s base (base) to touch the final home plate. Therefore, we’d like to share with you the rules of this game. Meanwhile, you can check out the best slowpitch softball bats if you’re looking for the better equipment soon.

1. Spanking or Spanking

Begin a batter must place himself on a battered box or a special place for the bat, and make a swinging motion, in turn, both swing and bunt blows.

The beat sequence is determined by the serial number.
Each base may only be filled by one player.

2. How to Turn Off

How to turn off in softball, among others are as follows.
Burn the base, ie before the runner reaches to the base, the team of the base keeper catches the ball and steps on the base to be run by the runner.
Stopping runner who was running.
The catcher can catch the ball directly on a third blow that can not be beaten.

3. The Punch is Righted

The punch in the softball game is declared right when done as follows.
After the ball is hit and stop inside the pitch between the two lines is wrong.
After the ball is hit fall outside the wrong line, then spin, and go inside between the wrong lines.

4. The Punch is False

The blow is wrong if done as follows.
The ball is struck down and stops outside the wrong line.
The ball is knocked down in the field, then spins out through both lines.

5. The blow is staggered

The blow is misplaced if done as follows.
The ball is hit with imperfect.
The third blow misses, the battery dies or cannot hit at all.

6. Run

How to run in a softball game is as follows.
Each runner must run outside the field line.
Runners may run only on one base but must return again.
If it happens on another base, runners can be clicked and turned off.