Everyone who uses shoes must wear socks as a complement to their performance. In fact, some of them feel more comfortable using socks for all the activities they do. For that, usually, someone needs Novelty Socks. However, did you know that the socks themselves have different types?
Several types of socks are widely used is

– Ankle Sock
This is a type of sock that is only limited to the ankle. These socks are widely used because of the simple and unobtrusive model.

– Argyle Sock
These socks may have a diamond pattern. Initially, these socks were developed in 1920 for golfers. These socks are still widely used today and are very appropriately used with formal style shoes.

– Crew Sock
These socks are long to calf and slightly more lace than calves. Socks of this type usually have a thick material.

– Ped’s Sock
These socks are shoe-shaped and only have a long to under the ankle.