Breakfast is an important time that must always be done. Many think that breakfast is the most important moment in which the body must be filled before doing various activities. One of the restaurants that serve breakfast is Hardees. You can see when they provide the menu at

Forcing the body to not accept breakfast is also not a good thing because it will cause some of these conditions:

1. Concentration will be Disrupted

If you do not do breakfast, you will usually feel very hungry and you will not be able to concentrate on what you are going to do. Breakfast turned out to have a very important function for one’s concentration.

2. Too Much Lunch Amount

If you force yourself not to have breakfast in the morning, then you will want a large lunch menu. It makes you a revenge at the next lunchtime.

3. Non-current defecation
In the absence of processed food, will cause the process of digestion to be bad and unhealthy. This will cause the bowel movement to be disturbed.