As a vehicle owner, especially a car, you definitely consider many things before deciding to buy the car. Whatever type of car would require maintenance in order to provide maximum engine work. But a lot of myths that you often hear in the automotive world, so sometimes confuse you in caring for your favorite car. Here are some car facts that must be known by the owner of the vehicle!

1. Change Engine Oil in Every 3,000 Miles
In fact, not all cars have to change engine oil every 3000 miles. It is because the latest car oil output can last longer and longer. But if you want to buy new oil for your car then make sure you buy quality oil like you can find at walmart. Even to simplify, now you can check the opening hours and cover at walmart auto center hours. In addition, you can also check the vehicle manual of each vehicle, because in the manual there is clear information about when and to what mileage you need to change the vehicle oil

2. Expensive Fuel Makes Cars Faster
Lots of myths about expensive fuel will produce faster engine power. This is a myth because not all vehicles fit the high octane. We recommend that you choose fuel from the appropriate octane level, not from the price.