Nowadays looking for a gaming laptop seems like looking for a smartphone. Because of a lot of gamers who switch to the laptop to play games. That’s what makes many vendors always issue the best gaming laptop. One of them is 13 inch gaming laptops 2018 which you can find by visiting our website. But not many gamers who know how to take care of gaming laptop. It makes a lot of gamers who complained about their laptop. Either hang or lag, or broken on the component parts, such as a keyboard, mousepad, hard drive, and even a fast battery run out. Indeed every electronic device will certainly have problems if in use continue to channel. But in fact, it can be prevented. Here are some ways you can do:

1. Perform Care At least 1 Year Once

Every electronic item requires maintenance or maintenance. The laptop itself at least once a year, need to be done dust cleaning, reassembling processor paste and VGA and checking software. Unfortunately, there are still many users who pay less attention to this.

2. Use Thunderbolt Port 3

VGA is an important component in gaming laptops. But usually the VGA laptop cannot be upgraded, so within a year, two years is out of date. But by having Thunderbolt port 3, you can use the external name VGA. You can upgrade VGA laptop by using VGA desktop. Which of course will petrify the performance of VGA Congenital Or VGA External.

3. Use it Properly

The latter is well used. For example, do not use the laptop on the mattress because it closes the ventilation hole, or not too much move the laptop that uses the hard disk because it can impact the scratched platter, do not frequently move the laptop in a state of fire, and many more.

That’s how to take care of gaming laptops to last longer. Do that so your gaming laptop does not get damaged quickly.