Most of these survival kits for a short period of time, which will be used and worn down, sometimes required imagination and improvisation in the field, when faced with long-term survival conditions. Meanwhile, you can also click here to check out the home-made solvent trap for the gun owners.

Canned food, dried fruits, roasted beans etc., which is important can be a meal ready to eat (MRE),

It could also be foods that contain high energy such as chocolate, energy bars, or other emergency bar food,

Broth box,

Knife folding (compact knife, multifunctional like Swiss Army knife),

Aluminum foil, to keep the food more durable,

fishing rods, hooks and strings, can be used if the survival conditions occur in areas where there are food sources in the form of fish, either in the sea, rivers, lakes or trenches, in emergency needles or safety pins can be established and functioned as a hook,

Wire Snare can be used to trap or to trap animals to take advantage of the surrounding conditions,

Gill Netting (Simple fishing nets), used to trap and catch fish in an emergency,

Portable Gas Stove Tube,

Paraffin wax,

Food Container,

Cooking utensils (small/portable pans and pots that are part of the drink).