How to overcome infidelityHello, you found this website because you went to Google and plugged in overcome infidelity, or something very similar.  First off, let me say that I am really sorry that you have been hurt by someone cheating.  There is nothing more painful in a marriage, and I hope to help steer you in a direction that leads to healing.

A cheating spouse can rock you to your core.  There are not many other personal crises that stack up to the pain, confusion, and devastation associated with infidelity.

Overcoming infidelity is no easy task, and may seem monumental at this point.  In your mind, you are probably feeling many different emotions.  A few of the most common things people feel are:

  • A loss of identity – You will question what type of person he or she is that would do this, and what type of person you are to be in a relationship or marriage with this person.  It is normal to feel this way.
  • A lack of self respect – When someone cheats, they crush their partners self respect.  It is normal to feel like you might be the reason for the cheating, or the reason why the relationship has come to this.
  • Dread – What will I do without he or she?  How will my life go on?
  • Paralysis – Stuck, and not knowing how to get out.
  • Loss of emotional control – You might find yourself thinking about it 24/7, constantly wondering where it went wrong.
  • Victimized – Why me will creep into your head.
  • Anger – You will feel anger for numerous reasons, such as not noticing that something was going on.  It is common to ask yourself “how could I have missed this, how could I have been so stupid”?
  • Hopeless – After someone cheats, it is likely you will feel hopeless.  You might wonder if you will ever work it out, or if you will ever find someone else.

All of these feelings are totally normal, and if you are not feeling them you probably have no desire to work things out.  If that is the case, you know what you have to do.

This website was created because I wanted to share a resource with you, something that helped me tremendously when I was faced with infidelity in my marriage.

What Makes This Site Different From Others?

Unlike many of the other websites out there, where people are just trying to sell you on counseling or other high cost products or services, I am trying to help.  I have actually lived with infidelity, and came out on the other side stronger than I was before, and my relationship with my husband is better than ever.  It made us address everything that was wrong with our relationship, and forced us to commit to working on them, and today we are better off than ever.

Note – This page will tell you about what worked for me, you can read more about me personal story here.

Don’t get me wrong, it was not easy.  We tried counseling, and had no luck.  We tried a lot of things that did not help us.  In the end, a gal in a infidelity forum that I had connected with shared an e book with me, and it turned out to be  a real life saver for me.

Without this book, I would have never known about all of the types of affairs that can happen, much less know how to deal with it the right way.

The book is called Break Free From the Affair , and it was written by the long time marriage and family counselor, Dr. Robert Huizenga.

The type of affair I was facing was the My Marriage Made Me Do It type.  Each type of affair he talks about in the book requires a different strategy, and he covers them all in his book.

About Break Free From the Affair

This book does an excellent job of defining the 7 types of affairs that can take place:

  1. My Marriage Made Me Do It
  2. I Can’t Say No
  3. I Don’t Want to Say No
  4. I Fell Out of Love (And Love Being in Love)
  5. I Want to Get Back at Him/Her
  6. I Need to Prove My Desirability
  7. I Want to Be Close to Someone (Which means I can’t stand intimacy)

The appendices of this book also contain some very useful information about:

  • 7 Powerful Tactics to Break Free From the Affair and Stop it NOW
  • 12 Unattractive, Ugly, Typical Tactics Most People Use to Prolong the Affair and Guarantee Their Own Misery

On top of all that, when you purchase this powerful book , you will also get access to numerous pieces of bonus material.  They include:

  • How To Get Over It For Good! The Cure for Every Upset – This 48 page e book you will learn how to safely talk about issues that are normally hard to address.  Paul and Layne Cutright will teach you how to transform your experience of arguments in your relationship, as opposed to walking on egg shells.
  • The Cheating Spouse Guide – This guide will help you with the discovery process, so you will be able to find out FOR SURE if your partner is in fact cheating.
  • The Break Free Newsletter – The monthly newsletter is a great way to attain other helpful articles, as well as learn about tomorrow’s best selling tools and resources.
  • Keep Your Marriage:  What to do when your spouse says, “I don’t love you anymore” – Written by Nancy J. Wasson, this E Book offers you guidance on saving your marriage and making your relationship better.
  • Recorded Coaching Sessions With Past Clients – In this bonus, you will start tapping into some of the wisdom Dr. Robert Huizenga shares with his clients.  These are powerful recordings, that will be sure to resonate with you.

Having these materials at my disposal when I was at my darkest place was a true blessing.  I honestly do not think I would have been able to survive if it weren’t for Robert Huizenga, his book (How to Break Free From the Affair), and all of the excellent bonus material I received.  It worked for me and many other people, and I am confident it can help you as well.

I know from my own past experiences just how difficult of a time this is.  The affair is, or likely will crush you, and shake you right to your core.  The emotional effects can leave your head filled with constant thoughts of betrayal, sadness, confusion, hopelessness, anger, and fear, to name a few.  These feelings can stay with you for hours on end, and make it very hard to function in normal daily life.

The journey is very complicated, and extremely taxing on both body and mind.

Lean on Dr. Robert Huizenga’s 2 + decades of experience to help you overcome infidelity, and break free from the affair.  This does not have to ruin your life, and I know you don’t see it now but things CAN actually be better for you than they were before, but you have to have the faith, strength, and desire to make that happen.  Take a few minutes, and go check out what Robert Huizenga has to offer, you will be happy you did.

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I applaud your courage for taking the time to read through this entire page.  Visit my blog if you would like to read some more helpful articles about infidelity, and DON’T HESITATE to contact me if you ever need anything.

All the best,

Additional Resources

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